Edible Designs and Images for all occasions! Perfect as a drink garnish for coffee, tea, cocktails and other beverages, as well as as a dessert topper! Choose from our drop down menu: Pre-printed edible designs on wafer paper for a variety of occasions and the option to personalize with your images.


Wafer Paper along with edible ink are all completely edible, and fun for all sorts of events!


For personalization: We require at least 48 business hours notice. So please plan in advance. We also require that images are top quality and sent in JPEG or PNG via e-mail. Texts nor messaging will be accepted. We also require pre-payment, and are not responsible for the handling of the images which they leave our studio. Wafer sheets are fragile and are subject to disintegrating in dry and humid weather. (Either they crack or they melt). Please read our how-to guide for application.


You may choose 1 image or up to four images from our drop down menu options. Please note in option menu upon selection different pricing applies for different options. Please email personalization images in JPEG or PNG format to: info@rozsweetartstudio.com


The images will be created/printed, pre-cut for your use, and packaged in a plastic pouch.



Wafer Paper Designs

  • Potato starch, water, olive oil, sucalose E955, vanilla flavoring. Made in Holland.