Paint Your Own Cookie Kit with Stenciles by Ro Z’s is a fun activity for young kids (pre-school to 8) girl scouts, birthday parties, and more! This fun kit has all you need:  large sugar cookies,  stencils (choices are in options), edible ink pen, paint brush, an edible paint pods on palette, and instructions.  Set your child up by laying out the kit components, and they can use the stencil to lay on the cookie, trace the design, then using water to activate the edible paint pods, they can paint the cookie. Always keep the pen from getting wet, or it will not work. Do not over saturate the paint pods or they will slowly melt, as they are edible. Save the palette for the next cookie by letting it dry, put it back in the plastic bag.... or paint all the cookies! 


Click to add a kit to the cart as a one time purchase or monthly subscriber. Want more components? Or you have the cookies, and just want the components? See our shop soon for just components! You can do add-ons to this kit here.


Also, please know that we do not ship cookies, only components. Local pick up is free. Delivery is extra. We will contact you if you are out of our service area. 


Thank you for supporting our small business!

Paint Your Own Cookie Kit - Stencils

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