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Great for all occasions! Wafer paper is more transparent compared to icing sheets. Perfect as a drink garnish for coffee, tea, cocktails and other beverages, as well as as a dessert topper! This wafer paper comes in a sheet or rounds per your instruction. Choose from a full sheet or logo circles - 2"  (images show 2" pre-cut circles)

Want your logo printed? Or a picture of someone? Not a problem.

Please read the image submission requirements below:

Wafer Paper Sheet


    • Please email to
      • Include name, phone number, shipping address, date needed, quantity and other instructions
      • Call to confirm receipt @ 760-744-0447
      • Emails/edible printing will be processed during business hours. Please allow 2 business days for printing. Shipping will be USPS unless otherwise noted and shipping times vary. We do our best to process in one business day. Local? Pick-up can be arranged same day. Delivery can incur a charge.
    • Please email jpeg or png format for the best resolution or PDF for a full sheet only (no rounds or other shapes/sizes can be printed from a PDF)
    • The printable area of each regular size edible sheet is approximately 8”x10"
    • Images that have large areas of solid color, darks colors (like black, navy blue, etc) may print splotchy, or it may also drag and create lines in other areas of the sheet. Therefore, when submitting images that are dark and heavy in color, please expect some color bleeding and or streaking. Edible ink does not contain chemicals found in regular printer ink that helps the ink dry quicker. Icing Paper, Wafer Paper, and edible ink colors do not print the same as paper does. Please do not expect this.
    • ALL orders must be prepaid prior to order shipping.
    • Image size suggested is at least 500x500. We are not responsible for any distorted images due to low resolution.
    • If you send square or rectangular images and request them to be made round, We cannot guarantee that the image will be as desired or that part of the image will not be cut off. Please ensure the area of the photo you want is within the area specified. (i.e. 2”, 2.5”, 3”)


    Before you order, please note:

    • We will not print copyrighted images (like Disney) or logos or any images with a watermark.
    • We cannot manipulate the image including but not limited to: photoshop to removal of text or changing of background image or color. Please use a graphic artist if you require this service.
    • Wafer paper compared to icing paper tends to not print as crisp due to the texture of the paper. Icing paper is smoother in comparison.

    No Same Day Printing – Some Exceptions Accepted

    Screenshots are NOT acceptable method for ordering nor printing images

    You must email the desired image in either jpg. or png. format.

  • Potato starch, water, olive oil, sucalose E955, vanilla flavoring. Made in Holland.

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